Bookkeeping Services

All services below will be personalized to fit you and your business. I am a sole proprietor, so I am the only one you will work with. I never overbook myself, so you can be sure of receiving professional and reliable service with quick response times to all communications.

Payroll Service

Monthly Payroll
Bi-Weekly & Bi-Monthly Payroll
Weekly Payroll

  • Employee paystubs
  • Current payroll liability reports
  • State and Federal quarterly payroll tax return preparation
  • Tax deposits scheduled monthly
  • Year end W2’s
  • Direct Deposit included at an additional charge

Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Data entry from all bank and cc statements
  • Monthly filing of state revenue returns
  • Monthly financial reports sent to you
  • Sending of financial reports at any time for various reasons such as loans or federal taxes
  • Help with business license and corporation annual filing for renewal
  • Phone/email consultations
  • Communication with your CPA or tax preparer

Monthly Checkup

  • You want to do your own bookkeeping
  • I review your work and give you a list of suggestions if necessary 

Other Services

Convert Paperwork to PDF’s – Scan paperwork to PDF for storage and upload to bookkeeping app.

Emergency Bookkeeping – You are behind on your bookkeeping and need to get caught up right away for taxes or other reasons.

Bookkeeping Repair – The books are in need of corrections.

Bookkeeping Training and/or Consultation –   You need help with specific tasks or want to learn more about bookkeeping and your software.

Ask for a hassle free price quote…

If you contact me by email for a quote, I promise to only use your email to provide a quote. I do NOT use persistent marketing techniques in my business. Once I have sent a quote, you won’t hear back from me unless you request it.