Get Control of Your Spending

So you’ve finally got some extra money in your account, or so it appears.  You head down to the local office supply store to get that new external hard drive for your small business.  Or maybe it’s your personal account and you purchase some new clothes electronics.  The only problem is that within a day or two you realize that you forgot about that bill that was due and now you are short on cash to pay it.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, consider keeping your financial records in a bookkeeping software program.  At the beginning of each month you can pre-enter all the items you expect to be paying throughout the month as well as the income you expect to receive.  Instead of basing your spending patterns on what is in your account at the moment, base it on what you will have 2 weeks to 1 month from now.  Plan ahead based on these numbers and it should help to keep you from overspending in your business or personal finances.  By looking ahead you can engage your mind in figuring how to come up with the extra funds you may need.  How can you increase sales, or get new customers?  Do you need to train for a better job?  Proper bookkeeping will help you be in control of your money and emotions.